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Work In Process Inventory WIP: Definition, Formula & Examples

For instance, a bakery producing 50 packets of bread or a company that makes mobile phones assembling various components for an order will be considered to have work in process. While work in progress takes a long time to convert into a finished product. For example, a building whose five floors are to be constructed out of a planned twelve floors building is a WIP example. Renovation, tasks, and services can all be referred to as work in progress, which is more comprehensive than work in process. Work in process is often exclusively used for things that are currently being manufactured.

If the WIP computation and value were incorrect, the plant may go out of balance, affecting delivery schedules and resulting in financial losses since fewer future sales would be made. Nobody wants their country’s tax office to audit them for filing incorrect taxes. WIP inventory is a taxed item since it is a current asset, and any understatement or incorrect accounting may incur significant penalties. Overestimating can result in producers paying huge taxes when they are not necessary, which is equally dangerous.

However, if your procurement process looks anything like the following three scenarios, you should be tracking and calculating your WIP inventory. However, by using this formula, you can get only an estimate of the work in process inventory. For the exact number of work in process inventory, you need to calculate it manually. One of the advantages of calculating it manually will be you can add expenses like the cost of scrap, spoilage of raw material, etc. as well in it since it is all visible during physical counting.

By tracking WIP inventory, manufacturers can identify inefficiencies in their production processes and make adjustments to optimize resources and reduce waste. For the majority of manufacturers, WIP inventory is the raw materials plus labor and production overhead. For more complex operations—like big constructions projects—it can include wages, subcontractor costs, and more.


This eats up huge amounts of valuable time and distracts your team from doing higher-level work. A cloud-based inventory accounting software can keep all your data safe and do not risk losing all your financial data. You just have to log in from another device and have all your financial records and data safe. Work in process is used to report inventory items that are currently being constructed but are not yet done. Work in progress, on the other hand, is usually used to report capital assets on longer schedules that are not yet completed.

  • It has everything you need to keep your products, customers, and transactions synced and secure, freeing you up to focus on your business.
  • WIP is calculated after a given period, either monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • COGM represents the total cost of producing goods completed during a specific period.
  • The work in process inventory formula is the Beginning WIP Inventory + Manufacturing Costs – COGM.

In this article, we will explore the significance of WIP inventory in inventory management and show you how to calculate it. As with most inventory management KPIs, ensuring an efficient inventory management process is critical to optimizing the work in process inventory. One of the best ways to do that is to work with a third-party logistics partner to manage inventory. By following best practices – like tracking progress regularly, setting realistic goals, and more – you can effectively manage your work in process inventory and reap the rewards that follow.


Katana’s manufacturing ERP also provides tools to help you manage your WIP inventory effectively, such as the ability to set reorder points, so you know when WIP levels reach a certain threshold. Accurately knowing what your WIP inventory is can impact the company’s balance sheet. WIP inventory changes depending on how customizable the products are, what costs go into the product, and how to calculate it correctly for accounting purposes.

Inventory Days in Businesses

This advice may not be as technical, but it is just as crucial as any technological strategy. Coordination is the secret to managing a good, profitable, healthy business. Ensure your staff members share the same objective of creating as much as possible with the given resources if you want to maintain an ideal level of WIP inventory. To function effectively, they must know every step in the production process. In addition to assisting you in maintaining a perfect level of work in process inventory, this will also hasten the manufacturing and supply process.

These are the cumulative costs incurred in the production of the final product. To accurately determine your current WIP inventory value, you need to first determine the cost of manufactured goods. To determine your COGM, you will need to add your beginning WIP inventory with your total manufacturing costs and then subtract the ending inventory. A merchandising firm just buys inventory and then sells inventory that is already put together. A manufacturing firm, on the other hand, has a completely different accounting process for its inventory.

The Role of Work in Process (WIP) Inventory in the Supply Chain

The materials are actually in the process of becoming a product during a manufacturing process. With a Cloud-based fulfillment platform, you gain end-to-end live visibility into your inventory, operational efficiency and business data all from one seamless control center. Whether a work in process or finished good, these statuses have costs attached to them, and both sets of costs fall under your inventory account. Once the pots or crockery items are sold, those same costs are moved from the inventory account to the cost of goods sold (COGS) account. To be clear, if the wood, metal, and cushions had not yet been combined, they would still be raw materials, not work in process inventory.

Whenever these terms are describing a physical product being sold, their meaning is the same. Once the raw materials enter the production cycle, that $5,000 debit is moved to the WIP inventory account and the raw materials account is credited with $5,000. For accounting purposes, process costing differs from job costing, which is a method used when each customer’s job is different. Work in process inventory can also indicate bottlenecks in the supply chain, pausing the number goods manufactured.

By managing WIP inventory effectively, manufacturers can ensure that the production process runs smoothly and deliver the products to customers on time. For example, if a manufacturer has too much WIP inventory, it could indicate that the production process could be more efficient and that they use the resources. By identifying the root cause of the problem, manufacturers can take steps to optimize their production process, reduce WIP inventory, and lower production costs.

Knowing your COGM is crucial for managing WIP inventory because it allows you to understand how much it costs to turn your raw materials into finished goods. COGM represents the total cost of producing goods completed during a specific period. Inventory management software allows you to instantly track stock levels in real-time. Automated systems like RFID tags and barcode scanners make it possible to identify products almost instantaneously. The cost of manufacturing can include costs like raw materials, overhead, and labor. Some companies do a physical count of their WIP inventory to determine the value based on the current stage of each unit in the manufacturing process.

Work-in-process is a much more significant issue when it involves the construction of a building. In this case, work-in-process includes the accumulated cost of the asset, which will continue to increase until the structure is declared complete. When it comes to inventory management, better insights mean better decisions. what is the purpose of the cash flow statement But in order to build the optimal inventory management system, you need the right tools. Using the WIP formula will give you a good idea of the value of your inventory without the headache of hand-counting. Another reason to classify WIP inventory is that it’s a significant factor in the valuation of your business.

Warehouse Management

So, to figure out how to find work in process inventory you need the beginning work in process inventory. Work in process inventory and work in progress inventory are interchangeable phrases, for the most part. Though some within supply chain management do make a small distinction between them. Some folks refer to work in process inventory only in the context of production operations that move along relatively quickly. They reserve work in progress for larger-scale projects like consulting or construction work.

By working closely with your supplier and other partners in your retail supply chain, like a 3PL company, you can find ways to optimize the supply chain. The terms ‘work in process’ and ‘work in progress’ are often used interchangeably, but depending on the industry, they could mean something different. ‘Work in process’ typically describes raw materials that are converted into finished goods inventory over a relatively short duration of time.

Timely and accurate inventory accounting can help your business better prepare to harness investment opportunities and avenues when they present themselves. As additional billings are incurred, the value of the work in progress account increases. A company may choose to determine the asset’s fair market value (FMV) assessment as part of its annual financial reporting requirements. For example, consider a 40-story skyscraper that is 75% complete; it may be warranted for a company to recognize additional financial benefits beyond costs as a FMV adjustment. When an item of inventory has been combined with human labour but has not yet attained the state of completed products, it is categorised as a WIP. There are several accounting techniques used by various firms to calculate WIP and other inventory accounts.

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